Treatment of Mast Cell Tumors with Palladia and CCNU

Study Details:  Treatment of Mast Cell Tumors with Palladia and CCNU

Species: Canines

Tumor: Mast cell tumors

Purpose of study: Mast cells are found in tissues throughout the body, and mast cell tumors are the most common skin tumor in dogs. Treatment for mast cell tumors may involve surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy. CCNU (also known as lomustine) is a chemotherapy drug that has been used in the treatment of mast cell tumors in dogs. Palladia is the first veterinary anti-cancer drug. It acts to stop the effects of an enzyme involved in the growth of cancer cells. Palladia has been used in other clinical trials to treat dogs with mast cell tumors, sarcomas, carcinomas and melanoma. The purpose of this study is to determine if using Palladia in combination with CCNU will have better anti-tumor effect for dogs with mast cell tumors than CCNU used as a sole treatment. For more information, click here.