Pulse Toceranib plus Lomustine for the Treatment of Unresectable Canine Mast Cell Tumors: A Multicenter Study Led by Colorado State University

Study Details:

Especies: dogs

Tumor type: Mast Cell Tumor

Purpose of Study: This study is a multi-center effort led by Dr. Doug Thamm at Colorado State University to determine the maximum tolerated dose, tolerability and adverse effect profile of combined treatment with pulse-dose toceranib and lomustine in dogs with MCT. He also would like to determine the response rate and progression-free interval in dogs with measurable MCT treated with combined pulse-dose toceranib and lomustine. If, upon evaluation, the dog meets eligibility criteria, the owner must complete an Owner Consent Form of their pet’s initial clinical appearance. For baseline status, blood and urine will be sampled; target tumors identified, measured. Also thoracic radiographs and/or abdominal ultrasound will be performed, as well as, tumor and skin biopsies. For more information, click here.