Phase-II Evaluation of GS-9219 in Canine Cutaneous Lymphoma

Study Details:  Phase-II Evaluation of GS-9219 in Canine Cutaneous Lymphoma

Species: Canines

Tumor: Lymphoma

Purpose of the Study: Canine cutaneous lymphoma is an uncommon but uniformly fatal canine disease. While most dogs may respond to treatment with chemotherapy, responses can be variable and are generally short in duration. New treatments for this disease are needed to improve patient comfort and survival. We previously demonstrated that a novel cancer drug GS-9219 is effective against multicentric lymphoma in dogs. One of the observed toxicities with this drug was a skin change characterized by hair loss, redness and itching, implying significant delivery of GS-9219 to the skin. Given the lack of durable effective therapy for canine cutaneous lymphoma, and the demonstrated anti-lymphoma activity and apparent skin accumulation of GS-9219, we hypothesize that GS-9219 may be an effective drug against canine cutaneous lymphoma. For more information, click here.