Pathologic fracture risk of tumor-bearing canine forelimbs

Study Details:

Species: Canines

Tumor: Osteosarcoma

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Purpose of the Study The objective of this study is to measure the reduction in bone strength due to the presence of cancer in the radius/ulna of the dog by measuring the force at which these bones break in a mechanical testing device AFTER removal from the patient.   Tumor–bearing bones will be obtained from clinical canine patients that are undergoing amputation of the affected limb as standard of care treatment for their bone tumor, and testing of these limbs will not affect care received by these patients.  Computed tomography (CT) images of these bones will also be obtained, and this study will seek to correlate calculated CT indices of bone strength with the biomechanically measured bone strength.  It is hoped that correlations found will allow prediction of patients at most risk for pathologic fracture, improve patient selection for current treatment options such as palliative radiation therapy, and aid in the development of alternative limb-salvage procedures.