Lymphography of Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma

Study Details:

Species: Canines

Tumor: Anal sac tumors

For more information: Click Here or CONTACT DR. MICHELE STEFFEY (530-752-1393) FOR INCLUSION IN THE STUDY.

Purpose of the Study The objective of this study is to better understand the metastatic spread of anal sac gland tumors to the local lymph nodes. 
All dogs must be examined by a VMTH oncology, radiation oncology service or soft tissue surgery veterinarian, and require the following baseline evaluations at the owners expense before a dog can be considered for enrollment in the trial:

  • -Confirmed diagnosis via aspiration cytology
  • -Physical examination with weight recorded
  • -CBC, Chemistry Panel and Urinalysis all within two weeks of enrollment (referring blood work is acceptable as long as it was performed at a commercial lab)