Kit mutation and localization status as response predictors in canine mast cell tumors treated with toceranib or vinblastine: A multi-center response-adaptive randomized trial

Study Details:

Especies: dogs

Tumor type: Mast Cell Tumor

Purpose of Study: The goal of this study is to determine if canine mast cell tumors with kit mutation respond better to Palladia and whether screening for kit mutations play a role in treatment decision-making. Dogs with MCT will undergo screening including complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis and abdominal ultrasound to determine eligibility for the study.  A baseline tumor biopsy will then be obtained if my dog is found to be eligible.  Following biopsy, your dog will receive Benadryl, prilosec, and prednisone for at least 72 hours prior to treatment with either vinblastine or Palladia.  The determination of treatment protocol will be made by study personnel at Colorado State University.  If your dog has been assigned to receive vinblastine, the drug will be administered by intravenous injection once per week for 4 weeks, then every other week for another 4 treatments (total of 8 treatments).  If your dog has been assigned to receive Palladia, the drug will be administered orally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week for a total of 3 months.  If progressive disease is noted during the planned treatments, then your dog will be removed from the study and other therapies will be offered.  Dogs in either treatment arm will be evaluated weekly for the first 4 weeks, then every other week for the next 8 weeks. For more information, click here