Incidence of bacterial infections in febrile and afebrile neutropenic patients undergoing chemotherapy

Study Details:

Especie: dogs

Tumor type: Any

Purpose of study: The purpose is to evaluate the culture isolates from neutropenic febrile and non-febrile canine chemotherapy patients.

Following owner consent for enrollment in the study, we will collect blood culture and sensitivity samples (aerobic and anaerobic) from two separate sites and a urine sample for complete urinalysis and urine culture and sensitivity. We will be using ultrasound-guidance to obtain urine via cystocentesis; when there is a contraindication to cystocentesis (thrombocytopenia or previously diagnosed urinary bladder neoplasia), we will collect a midstream voided urine sample.

Please contact Dr. Jonathan Bach if you have any questions about the study or study enrollment 608-263-7600.