Dogs With a Malignant Mammary Tumor, Melanoma, Head and Neck Carcinoma, or Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Study Details: Safety of chemotherapy with Iniparib

Especie: dogs

Tumor type: Malignant mammary tumor, melanoma, head and neck carcinoma or soft tissue carcinoma.

Purpose of study: to assess the safety and effectiveness of iniparib, a novel anticancer agent, in combination with one dose of carboplatin, when given to dogs with cancer. Iniparib has been safely evaluated in human patients with cancer and in normal, non-tumor-bearing dogs. Carboplatin is a commonly used chemotherapy drug for the treatment of cancer in dogs.

Dogs that have been diagnosed with a new or recurrent malignant mammary tumor, melanoma, head and neck carcinoma, or soft tissue sarcoma may be eligible for this study. Dogs will be excluded from this study if they have had any prior therapy for their cancer other than surgery. The study involves four intravenous administrations of iniparib over the course of 22 days and one intravenous administration of chemotherapy (carboplatin) study day 8. Tumor biopsies will be performed prior to starting treatment and then once following each iniparib treatment.

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