Cryoablation of Nasal Tumors

Study Details:

Species: Canines

Tumor: patients with nasal tumors

For more information: Click Here or CONTACT DR. MICHELE STEFFEY (530-752-1393) FOR INCLUSION IN THE STUDY.

Purpose of the Study The objective of this study is evaluate alternative treatment options for patients with nasal tumors.  Radiation therapy is still considered the gold standard of treatment for this disease, however clients who do not wish to pursue radiation therapy may be eligible for participation in this study. Inclusion Criteria:

  • Confirmed diagnosis via cytology or histopathology
  • CT scan demonstrating extent of nasal mass to determine if this treatment may be safely administered
  • CBC, Chemistry Panel and Urinalysis all within two weeks of enrollment (referring blood work is acceptable as long as it was performed at a commercial lab)
  • Clients *must* be willing to return for study rechecks, including a CT scan under brief general anesthesia.  There is no charge for these rechecks, but it is imperative that the patient return for re-evaluation.