COTC007b: Preclinical Comparison of Three Indenoisoquinolines Candidates in Tumor-bearing Dogs

Study details: Three Indenoisoquinolines in Tumor bearing dogs

Species: Dogs

Tumor: lymphomas

Purpose of Study: This is a multi-institutional trial administered through a division of the National Cancer Institute. Purdue is one of a group of veterinary schools (collectively known as the Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium, or COTC) enrolling dogs in this clinical trial. The trial is designed to determine the pharmacokinetics, maximally tolerated dose, and anti-tumor activity of three new chemotherapy agents in dogs with lymphoma. Data from this trial will be used to design similar, follow-up trials in human cancer patients. Dogs enrolled in this study will be boarded at the Purdue for 7 days, and will receive chemotherapy treatment on 5 consecutive days within this span. Dogs whose cancers respond to chemotherapy will be eligible for additional treatments given for 5 consecutive days, once every 3 weeks. For more information, click here