Clinical Trial to Determine Activity of Carboplatin as a Rescue Chemotherapy Agent for Dogs with High-grade Multicentric Lymphomas

Study details: Carboplatin as a rescue chemotherapy

Species: Dogs

Tumor: lymphomas

Purpose of Study: Rescue chemotherapy is administered to dogs with lymphomas whose cancer has progressed in the face of first-line chemotherapy treatment. Rescue chemotherapy protocols are often expensive, and drugs used in these protocols have recently been subject to nationwide shortages. Carboplatin is commonly administered to dogs with a variety of cancers, and is well tolerated, relatively inexpensive, and readily available. The activity of carboplatin against canine lymphoma, however, has not been fully evaluated. This study is designed to determine the activity of single agent carboplatin in dogs with relapsed multicentric lymphoma. Dogs will be treated at Purdue with intravenous carboplatin once every 3 weeks. For more information, click here.